All of our products begin with inspiration drawn from the seasons and our surroundings in Rockaway Beach. We craft each of our soaps using the finest quality raw ingredients and essential oils and follow the tried-and-true cold process method to produce soap that feels luxurious, contains just the right balance of plant-based fats, and smells great.

We take no shortcuts and focus on quality at every step in the process, from the earliest stages of each concept, throughout the production and curing stage, until our bars are labeled and ready for sale.



Responsible Production

We stand behind every part of our production process - from sourcing high-quality ingredients and doing plastic-free shipping, to recycling at every possible juncture. We want the pride we take in our products to come through. This is a paramount part of who we are.

Giving Back

For years, we’ve admired businesses of all sizes that connect purpose and profit. That’s why we’re committing to giving 10% of our proceeds to support water safety training and youth engagement programs in Rockaway. We want to do much more, and we also want to collaborate and connect with others who genuinely want to strengthen our local community, so let’s talk.


All of our products begin with an idea - often inspired by specific aspect of our life in Rockaway. So many choices happen along the process of designing each soap, and we approach every decision we make with intention and creativity.